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Orientation to Engineering

The Orientation to Engineering course series starts with ENG 1, which focuses on the successful transition and orientation of students to engineering studies at UC San Diego, with particular emphasis on those students coming from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. ENG 2 and 3 prepare Engineering students for internships, professional careers, and graduate school. Weekly meetings consist of interactive activities that include presentations from alumni and practicing professional engineers.

ENG 1 Orientation to Engineering I Course (1 unit) - Fall Quarter
Section for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students
Section for Incoming Freshman Students ONLY: Experiential Design Project
Orientation to Engineering I addresses issues that are critical in the first year of engineering study at UC San Diego. The course is designed to assist new students in making a smooth and informed transition from high school and community college to the university and their chosen engineering major. This course focuses on study skills, academic planning, goal setting, time management, and using campus and community resources to help achieve academic, personal and professional goals. It also presents engineering both as a field of study and as a profession.

ENG 2 Orientation to Engineering II Course (1 unit) - Winter Quarter
Section for Transfer Students ONLY: Experiential Design Project
Section for ALL Engineering Students
Orientation to Engineering II focuses on academic and personal planning, business etiquette, resume development and review, and presentation skills.

ENG 3 Orientation to Engineering III (1 unit) - Spring Quarter
Orientation to Engineering III focuses on leadership, engineering as a profession, personal and professional development, ethics, preparation for graduate school, resume development, and job offer evaluation.

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