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IDEA Student Mission

The Center for Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence, and Advancement (IDEA Student Center) at the Jacobs School of Engineering is committed to fostering a supportive environment for diverse engineering students at UC San Diego. The IDEA Center values and honors diverse experiences and we believe diversity is integral to excellence. We are a student-centered office that serves pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate engineering students. The Center is a hub for student engagement, academic enrichment, personal/professional development, leadership and community involvement, and a respectful learning environment for all. Our efforts are grounded in a commitment to ensure that UCSD engineering students reflect the richly diverse global community and that we foster an environment that prepares all engineering students to be fully engaged, technological leaders and well-rounded citizens.

IDEA Student Center Goals

Increase K-14 student knowledge and awareness of engineering through holistic outreach programs that incorporate schools, families, and communities.

Increase the application and yield/acceptance rate of undergraduate/graduate historically underrepresented groups, including economically and socially disadvantaged students to the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Improve the success, retention and graduation rate of diverse undergraduate and graduate engineering students.

Leverage our undergraduate/graduate engineering student preparedness for academia/industry through the engagement of research, leadership, and experiential learning opportunities.