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Jacobs School Logos

The Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego has a new logo. It comes in three colors (black, blue, white). The Jacobs School logo aligns with the campus-wide logo system and branding guidelines at UC San Diego. (UC San Diego (campus-wide) branding / logo guidelines are here.)

Note: this page is a work in progress. We are updating it regularly. If you have feedback, please see the contact info below.

Note: these logos are only for official use by members of the UC San Diego community.

Jacobs School of Engineering logo downloads

Download: Logos for print: Jacobs School of Engineering

Download: Logos for screens: Jacobs School of Engineering

Jacobs School of Engineering department logos

The university created a series of logo files that connect the official UC San Diego logo to each of the engineering departments. There are two versions of each department logo: one with the Jacobs School of Engineering included on a third line, and one without. Download links are below.

Note: These logo files are being rolled out across the school throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

Download: Bioengineering

Download: Computer Science and Engineering

Download: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Download: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Download: NanoEngineering

Download: Structural Engineering

Using the logos

All of the logo files above need space equal a capital U between the logo and any other words or images. This means, you can't add any words or images directly above, below or next to these logo images. (See image below for example.)


Colors: please do not change the logo colors.

What happened to the library image?
The image of Geisel Library has been adopted exclusively by the UC San Diego Library. The image is no longer in use or available to the campus community for new print or electronic projects, vehicles or signage/environmental graphics. Learn more on the UC San Diego brand website.

Contacts / Questions

The identity / logo system for the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering is critical to our efforts to increase the visibility and reputation of our faculty, students, alumni, departments, research centers, staff and all other groups within the School. If you have questions, please do get in touch. It's important that we work together on this important project. Please contact Daniel Kane or David Baillot for logo files and questions:

Daniel Kane
dbkane AT ucsd DOT edu

David Baillot
dbaillot AT ucsd DOT edu