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Moxie Center

Moxie Center FAQs

What is the Moxie Center?

The Moxie Center a program of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD, includes a business incubator offering aspiring students the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. The Center's mission is to motivate, educate and mentor students to "Dream, Design, Develop" their engineering ideas into commercial products. The Moxie Center offers seminars, manages the Zahn Prize competition, supports courses in the Jacobs School, and runs the Moxie Incubator. The Moxie Incubator provides:

  • Lab Workspace, Tools and Equipment
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts
  • Networking
  • Funding
  • Education

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The web site for the Moxie foundation is

The website for the UC San Diego Moxie Center is


How do I get involved?

If you want to take advantage of the Moxie Incubator, you may apply to the Incubator with a marketable idea using the "Online Application" link. You will then receive an email from the Moxie Team inviting you to an Initial Meeting (see below for more info).


I think I have a great idea but don't know how to get started.

Please visit the "Tell Us About Your Idea!" link for more information. Once you understand the process, click on "Online Application" and begin the application process. Or simply send an email to to set up an appointment -- we're happy to talk with you about your idea and how you might pursue it.


What is an "Initial Meeting"?

An Initial Meeting, held after a team has submitted an application, is an informal discussion between the student team and the Moxie Team (i.e. the Director and the Administrator). It is an opportunity to explore the project idea, raising issues that students may not have thought about yet so as to encourage them to do further research. It is not meant to be an "exam" or an "interview" and the student team will not need to "sell" their idea to us; it is a chance to expand on what was written on the application and ask other questions in person. Consider it as an advising session and one of the many stepping stones in the process of commercializing your idea.

One of the important issues we'll discuss is your contact with (potential) customers. This is the starting point for developing your business plan.


Do I have to fund myself?

If you are accepted into the Incubator then the Center will provide resources and potentially funding for constructing your prototype. A part of the process will involve budget planning and receiving approval from the Moxie Team for that budget. If approved, the Moxie Center will make the purchase(s) for you. In addition, Moxie Center legal advisors can help with corporate or IP filings.


Does the Moxie Center help with my business plan?

Yes, business plans will be developed with help of Moxie Center advisors. Note that we use the Lean Startup model as a starting point.


Does the Moxie Center help with finding business partners or investors?

Yes. Under "Looking for Teammates" link, students are encouraged to seek for teammates, or even just to join a team, utilizing this "forum". In addition, the Moxie Center is connected with the Rady School of Management at UCSD, where business partners may be sought out.


Is there someone to help with the fabrication of my idea?

Absolutely! There are several people who can help you fabricate your prototype: Student Advisors, UCSD technical staff, Jacobs School faculty, and outside advisors.


What are some of the limitations to what materials, supplies, or prototypes that I can store with the Moxie Center? i.e. what can I leave there and/or what do I have have to take home with me each time?

The Moxie Center provides storage spaces for each team, so you may store materials, supplies, or prototypes in these locked storages and take home only what your team deems necessary.


What type of facilities do you have to offer?

The Moxie Center Labs include workbenches, laser printers, a 3D printer, tools, test equipment, computers with CAD software, storage spaces, whiteboards and presentation monitors.


When and how may I use the lab?

Admitted students may access the lab at any time with their student ID cards during "Open Lab Hours" (see Q11.a). Student Advisors, as well as the Moxie Team, may be available to answer questions and provide assistance during their office hours. In addition, students are encouraged to schedule appointment times that better suit their schedules.


What are the "Open Lab Hours"?

The Moxie Center lab is currently opened 24/7 to admitted students who have been granted access to the facility. This may be subject to change.


Is there a time limit to how long I can use the Moxie Center's resources with respect to one idea?

As a part of the admission process, the Moxie Center will work with you to create a project and business timeline in which teams are to create milestones. This will aid in setting goals and making sure your team stays on task. Participants must be current UCSD students.


Is there a limit to how many ideas I can submit?

There is no limit to how many times you can apply, but you can only apply with one idea at a time and you must be a UCSD student (not an employee of the University). Realistically, it will take time to fully pursue one idea and you should take it "one step at a time".


Where are the facilities located?

There are two Moxie facilities: Moxie Center A in CSE-B210 and Moxie Center B in EBU2-333. Our offices are located in Moxie Center B - EBU2-333.