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Partnerships with industry, alumni, government agencies and the community are critical to the success of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. The External Relations Team is available to assist you in developing meaningful relationships with the Jacobs School, our faculty and our students. Follow the links below to contact our team:

Executive Director's Office

Hagen, Denine Denine Hagen
Assistant Dean for Programs and Inititatives
Phone: (858) 534-2920
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Job Description: Provides strategic direction for the Jacobs School's communications, development and corporate relations activities.
White, Auntwanette Auntwanette White
Exec Asst
Phone: (858) 534-0007
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Job Description: Provides executive assistance to the Executive Director of the External Relations unit of the Jacobs School of Engineering. Serves as a key resource in Jacobs School interactions and relationships with outside partners, including members of the School's Council of Advisors.

Alumni Relations and Development

William J. Burfitt William J. Burfitt
Executive Director of Development
Phone: (858) 246-0593
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Wil provides leadership and strategic direction for a comprehensive major and principal gifts development and stewardship program on behalf of the Jacobs School of Engineering.
Robin Redfern Robin Redfern
Exec. Assistant, Development
Phone: (858) 822-4868
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Robin provides executive assistance to the Executive Director and the entire development team.
Jan Dehesh Jan Dehesh
Director of Development
Phone: (858) 534-2329
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Jan is a major gift officer for the Jacobs School for individual and select corporate partners.
Tammy Williams Tammy Williams
Associate Director of Development
Phone: (858) 246-1862
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Adrienne Bolli Adrienne Bolli
Director, Alumni Affairs
Phone: (858) 822-6968
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Adrienne will be responsible for developing and leading engagement initiatives for the Jacobs School for an alumni community of nearly 24,000 and working closely with colleagues to further advance alumni participation and outreach efforts.
Tammy Traudt Tammy J. Traudt
Manager, Special Events and Donor Stewardship
Phone: (858) 534-6068
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Tammy manages high profile donor and stewardship events which support the Jacobs School's strategic goals and objectives.

Corporate Affiliates Program

O'Donnell, Anne Anne O'Donnell
Executive Director for Corporate Research Partnerships
Phone: (858) 822-5963
Job Description: Directs Jacobs School corporate engagements and prime industry contact for Agile Centers of Excellence that are highly responsive to industry needs for innovation across disciplines.
Noghera, Cody Cody Noghera
Director of the Corporate Affiliates Program
Phone: (858) 246-0214
Job Description: Directs Industry Relations Strategies to drive partnership offerings of the Corporate Affiliates Program in support of significant talent and research engagement with Faculty, Departments, Centers, and Institutes related to the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego.
Lillestol, Matt Matthew Lillestol
Assistant Director of the Corporate Affiliates Program
Phone: (858) 534-6254
Job Description: Recruits new Corporate Affiliates Program members and develops member services to insure that partner needs continue to be well served by the Jacobs School of Engineering. Additionally, Assistant Director oversees the Team Internship Program.
Kreger, Paula Paula Kreger
Mgr/Corp Affiliates Prog
Phone: (858) 534-3148
Job Description: Promotes and manages benefits and services for Corporate Affiliates Program members, and facilitates visits of CAP members to campus.
Metzger, Loren Loren Metzger
Mgr/Team Internship Program
Phone: (858) 822-6772
Job Description: Manages the Team Internship Program (TIP). Coordinates with industry to find summer internship opportunities, working directly with students to be selected for paid summer projects.
Wilgalis, Gina Gina Wilgalis
Exec Asst
Phone: (858) 822-4496
Job Description: The Executive Assistant to the Jacobs School of Engineering's Corporate Affiliates Program provides direct executive level administrative assistance to the Director and Deputy Director. Responsible for assisting with meetings between industry partners, faculty, staff and students.

News And Communications

Kane, Daniel Daniel Kane
Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs
Phone: (858) 534-3262
Job Description: Develops and implements strategic communication plans, with an emphasis on science writing, electronic communications and maintaining excellent relations with regional and national news media.
David Baillot David Baillot
Manager of Creative Services
Phone: (858) 822-7655
Job Description: Determines design specifications, timelines, resource challenges, and priorities for current and incoming art, graphics, video and web design projects. Responsible for all aspects of design and production of all printed, multi-media and web-based promotional materials for the Jacobs School of Engineering.
Ioana Patringenaru Ioana Patringenaru
Public Information Representative
Phone: (858) 822-0899
Job Description: Promotes the Jacobs School as one of the top engineering schools in the United States through various marking and communications plans, including writing science stories, marketing events, and working closely with regional, national and international media.
Ramsey, Douglas Douglas Ramsey
Communications Director
Phone: (858) 822-5825
Fax: (858) 534-0351
Job Description: Oversees the comprehensive public relations program for Calit2. Works to advance multimedia communications, including streaming video on the Web, video to support project funding proposals, and engineering-related programming for UCSD-TV.

von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement

Ochoa, Rosibel Rosibel Ochoa, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Phone: (858) 822-6775
Fax: (858) 822-5959
Building/Room: Jacobs Hall, 1209
Job Description: Provides leadership to UCSD's von Liebig Center, a unique proof-of-concept program that helps accelerate the transfer of faculty innovations into the private sector and provides entrepreneurial education to graduate students in science and engineering.
Dey, Sujit Sujit Dey, Ph.D.
Faculty Director
Phone: (858) 534-0750
Fax: (858) 822-5959
Building/Room: Jacobs Hall, 1209
Job Description: Develop plans to attract more investors and entrepreneurs to support the work of the von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center.
Briana Weisinger Briana Weisinger, M.A., M.B.A.
Commercialization Analyst
Phone: (858) 822-1143
Fax: (858) 822-5959
Building/Room: Jacobs Hall, Suite 1200
Job Description: Responsible for research and analysis on the full range of von Liebig Center initiatives and on possible partners and collaborators both in and out of the university.
Janny Li Janny Li
Center Coordinator
Phone: (858) 822-1435
Fax: (858) 822-5959
Building/Room: Jacobs Hall, Suite 1200
Job Description: Supports William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement on events, marketing, and program administration.
Pedro Franco Navarro Pedro Franco Navarro
von Liebig Center Fellow
Building/Room: Jacobs Hall, Suite 1200
Job Description: Pedro is a CUPRUM Fellow and intern at the von Liebig center. He supports the Center by working on various von Liebig projects and collaborations with Mexico.