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2013 Statistics

  Total Faculty 201  
  Members of the National Academies » 23  
  Endowed Chair Holders » 44  
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Student Enrollment (Fall 2013)
  Graduate Programs    
  Enrollment 1,715  
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  Enrollment 6,503  
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Degrees Conferred, 7/1/2012 - 6/30/2013
  Graduate 563  
  B.S. or B.A. 1,057  

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  Expenditures (FY2013) $241M  
  State-funded Operations/Instruction $82.9M  
  Research Expenditures $157.9M  
    Government-Sponsored Research $97.3M  
    Industry-Sponsored Research/Income from Gifts/Endowments $60.7M  
  Research/Full-time Faculty Member* $854K  
  *185 full-time faculty in Fall 2012    

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Special Programs

Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) »
Connects industry to faculty, students and research at the Jacobs School.

von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center »
Accelerates commercialization of Jacobs School discoveries.

Global TIES »
Students design, build and deploy technology solutions for community clients.

Team Internship Program »
Students work on-site with industry partners as a multi-disciplinary team focused on a clearly defined and significant project.

IDEA Student Center »
The IDEA Student Center promotes Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence, and Advancement amongst undergraduate and graduate students across the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Gordon Engineering Leadership Center »
Programs for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals cultivate a culture of engineering leadership.

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